The Application Process

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the detail our certified installers use in preparing your home! Our trained applicators are the only ones licensed to apply the Liquid Stucco coating system. This is because of the importance of our 10-step Application Process, which assures the complete and proper implementation of the Liquid Stucco system:

10-step Application Process

  1. The first phase of the Liquid Stucco application procedure is extensive surface preparation. We inspect and repair all of the surfaces, including replacement of loose, damaged and rotten materials.
  2. Your home will be cleaned and pressure washed, and when the crew chief verifies by testing for moisture content that your home is dry enough, surface conditioner will applied. Surface conditioner is the "adhesive" which will hold the other coats in place.
  3. Trench around all required areas to ensure maximum wall coverage.
  4. Surface preparation, including scraping, filling and sanding, as necessary.
  5. Seal or caulk all cracks and joints to bridge gaps, cracks, and crevices. This may look strange to the untrained eye, but you must remember that ours is a "sealed system".
  6. Mask and shield all windows and landscaping to protect areas not to be coated.
  7. Remove accessories such as lighting fixtures and drainpipes to facilitate complete and thorough application of Liquid Siding®.
  8. Apply Liquid Stucco -a process that includes:

    A. Liquid Stucco Surface Conditioner and penetrating sealer,

    B. Liquid Stucco Thermalcoat for thermal high build durability The Thermalcoat is a proprietary blend of resins and ceramic micro-spheres.

    C. The protective, waterproof, Liquid Stucco Topcoat, custom-tinted to the color of your choice. The Top Coat will provide you with the necessary protection and beautification that will keep your home looking like new for the next 25 years.
  9. Replace accessories and clean up.
  10. Workmanship guaranteed by your dealer for 25 years.