Liquid Stucco Saves El Cajon Home from Burning!

Mike & Joanne Koscielski of 529 Calle De La Sierra, in El Cajon California were evacuated from their home due to the San Diego wildfires. Mr. Koscielski, who works for the department of defense, was in Washington at the time of the wildfires while Mrs. Koscielski evacuated on Sunday morning. From a distance Mrs. Koscielski could see the mountains they live on engulfed in flames. She called her husband to tell him not to bother coming home, assuming their home was consumed in the blaze. However, in February, 2003 the Koscielski family had hired a company, ProCraft of San Diego, to coat the wood structure of their home with “Liquid Stucco”, a 3 part, ceramic based coating system which is designed to prevent the need to paint for 25 years. Upon the return to their property, the Koscielski’s were astonished to find their home still standing, after only suffering mild fire damage. The Koscielski’s credited the ceramic “Liquid Stucco” product for saving their home, after noticing that the home only suffered minor damage in to form of blistering to the 3rd and final color coating applied over the ceramic based under layers. The “Liquid Stucco” product is made up of ceramic micro spheres that will not absorb heat. Mr. & Mrs. Koscielski are convinced that if it wasn’t for the protective coating applied to their home, they would have arrived home to a bed of ashes, as did the majority of their neighbors.

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