With the demise of dangerous lead and mercury components in paint came a corresponding decrease in long term effectiveness of that product to protect and beautify homes and buildings. Ancillary to that result was also an increase in long-term structure maintenance costs. Paint, no matter how expensive, can simply no longer provide lasting protection and it is predictable that painted structures show the ravages of the environment after a few years. Aluminum, steel, vinyl and masonry exterior substrates exhibit their own unique problems as time and environmental factors work to reduce their protective and esthetic qualities. World-wide, homeowners as well as commercial and industrial property owners and managers have long sought an effective protective coating for their property investments.


Kryton International, Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia provided the answer in the 1970’s with development of Liquid Stucco®. Now, in over 40 countries and in almost every state in the USA, Liquid Stucco ® protects virtually thousands of homes and commercial structures. This coating system is the only lasting answer for any person or organization needing the ultimate protective coating for property investments. Liquid Siding of America Inc., is the sole distributor and applicator of Liquid Stucco® in the United States. On a local level, Liquid Stucco, Inc., Liquid Stucco of Orange County Inc., and Liquid Stucco of Ventura County, Inc. stands ready with Liquid Stucco® to respond to the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the State of California.