We offer a very aggressive fully-transferrable Guarantee.

You’ll rest even easier in the knowledge that both our materials and labor are guaranteed.
For 25 years. The guarantee is fully transferable. If you sell your property, the new owner will enjoy the
same level of protection.

Ceramic-Based Liquid Stucco
Saves El Cajon Home From Burning!

Mike & Joanne Koscielski of 529 Calle De La Sierra, in El Cajon California were evacuated from their home due to the San Diego wildfires. Mr. Koscielski, who works for the Department of Defense, was in Washington at the time of the wildfires while Mrs. Koscielski evacuated on Sunday morning. From a distance Mrs. Koscielski could see the mountains they live on engulfed in flames. She called her husband to tell him not to bother coming home, assuming their home was consumed in the blaze… read more…

World Class Reputation!

Liquid Stucco has been successfully applied to large scale projects around the world, such as Seattle’s Housing Authority.

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