Liquid Siding® has been tested by the world’s leading test laboratories to withstand all climates. Liquid Siding® has passed critical stretch tests of up to 645% in bridging new settlement cracks as they occur. Also, Liquid Siding’s anti-static formula is proven to resist clinging dirt, a feature which can give structures a clean, just-painted look, all the time. Liquid Siding® comes in hundreds of UV radiation resistant colors. Unlike paint or vinyl siding, Liquid Siding® becomes a beautiful and durable skin or shell for any structure. Liquid Siding® is a water based, non-toxic exterior coating system. The system can be applied at any temperature above 38 degrees, and with an average of 12 hours required between phases, it is often installed in less than 5 day. Because of it’s combined 20 mil dry thickness, the system is useful to encapsulate lead and asbestos content in older coating systems.

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