The Toetters of San Diego:

"My wife and I like the fact that we could put a process on our house that was maintenance free, that sealed and preserved the stucco from cracking and eventually needing replacing. We feel that we added looks and value to our home. We can raise our 3 children with one less thing to worry about."

Georgia Stotts of Chula Vista

"ProCraft did my home last spring. It was such beautiful work. The people they hired were so pro-fessional and were so kind to explain everything they were going to do. I wasn’t quite ready and they went out of their way to help me. The neighbors were so pleased with the colors they picked for me. Again, their work was outstanding. I am so happy with their work."

The Gustafson’s of Escondido, CA

"The quality of the product and the professionalism of the installers was above my wildest expectations. Also the 25 year guarantee was one of the selling points that appealed to us."

The Knowlton’s of Vista, CA

"Having researched many different products and methods for refinishing our home, the ProCraft Liquid Siding was by far the product of highest quality. The represent-ative who came to our home was very respectful and knowledgeable. He spent a significant amount of time addressing our questions and educating us on the many different facets of the industry. My wife and I are very pleased with the dramatic change, in both the appearance and feel, that has occurred to our home. We would recommed this product to family, friends, or anyone looking to make a one-time, lasting investment in their home."