What is Liquid Stucco?

Liquid Stucco is not a paint or a stucco and should not be confused with
paints and stucco, or any other coating systems that all fail over time.
Liquid Stucco is a highly unique, permanent, ceramic-based exterior coating system
designed to beautify, protect and insulate your home.

It all starts with science…

The science behind Liquid Stucco is at the forefront of technology. Many factors contribute to Liquid Stucco’s superior performance…

Liquid Stucco employs a layer of proprietary gas-filled microspheres that are extremely durable, heat-reflective and are the keys to protecting your building envelope from the extremes of temperature for years to come.

Liquid Stucco is able to stretch—up to 645%—and to recover its original shape. Buildings naturally settle and shift over time, resulting in small cracks or splits. Liquid Stucco literally stretches, ensuring such cracks remain hidden from view, and sealed from the elements.

Liquid Stucco’s unique composition resists fading, mold, mildew and dirt. All of which ensures that the beautiful finish laid down by our applicators lasts for years and years.

Liquid Stucco is vapor permeable. Moisture that’s normally trapped below the surface is allowed to pass through Liquid Stucco in the form of vapor. So Liquid Stucco limits your exposure to mold and mold spores that gradually destroy the things they grow on.

Liquid Stucco prevents damage to your home or building, saves money, and helps you to avoid potential health problems by eliminating the moisture build-up that causes mold growth.

Originally Designed by Kryton International for use on coastal lighthouses in the Pacific Northwest the Liquid Stucco 3 coat system can be applied to virtually any surface and gives you the appearance of fresh paint without changing the architectural appearance of your home.
Liquid Stucco lasts longer than vinyl siding and has more benefits than any coating or siding, with none of the problems.
Liquid Stucco Physical Properties:
Liquid Siding is both mildew/mold resistant and fire resistant. It is completely waterproof and environmentally safe. The Liquid Stucco/Liquid Siding system consists of 3 coats – a Surface Conditioner, a Thermal Coat and a Top Coat and dries to a thickness of 20 mils (about the thickness of a credit card).

There simply is no product available on the market that stands up to Liquid Siding of America’s Liquid Stucco for its fully transferrable guarantee, Its long-term protection, or its lasting beautification.